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Call for Atrium Proposals - Deadline: Wednesday, May 7


The theme for ATRIUM Issue 13 (Fall 2014) is “Counting.” ATRIUM encourages potential authors to propose articles that interpret the theme broadly and creatively. For example: Public health claims depend on marshaling numbers of a different magnitude than the doctor-patient dyad of classical medical ethics—how does that kind of counting (both of people, and of what about them counts) change ethics? Quantification can make things real or important in new ways (e.g. counting pain as a fifth vital sign made it count in a new way), and endeavors like empirical bioethics or more rigorous assessment of medical humanities and ethics training engage numbers in a way our field isn’t quite used to. What is helped by quantification, and what is harmed by that process? To say something “counts” is also a way of saying it matters—whose voice counts in bioethics, policymaking, or medical decisionmaking? Accounting concerns money, and accountability concerns responsibility (legal and otherwise). The theme of “counting” also engages storytelling—offering an account, or recounting what’s happened.
Proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

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Acceptance decisions will be sent by the second week of May. Full articles for accepted proposals will be due six weeks after that - Monday, June 23.

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