ATRIUM is an annually published report by the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program. Each issue focuses on a different theme related to these disciplines, but each contributor explores the theme in different, thought-provoking ways. Individual subscriptions for the publication are free for clinicians, scholars, and students. To add your name to our mailing list, remove your name, change your delivery address, or request additional print copies (at the cost of $5 each), please contact Bryan Morrison.

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Atrium issue 12

Bad Girls

Atrium issue 11

Knowing (Or Not)

Atrium issue 10


Atrium issue 9

Black and White

Atrium issue 8


Atrium issue 7

Killer Apps

Atrium issue 6


Atrium issue 5


Atrium issue 4

Heroes and Villains

Atrium issue 3


Atrium issue 2

Liminal States

Atrium's inaugural issue

Bringing Out the Dead